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Our Activities Progamme


Our Activities Co-ordinator focuses on developing a person-centred programme of meaningful activities for each resident to ensure that stimulation is maximised.

Our range of activities is very varied and includes opportunities to participate in reminiscent sessions, playing musical instruments, pottery and painting, quizzes, sing songs, trips to theatre and for shopping, board games, chair-based exercises and more.

We arrange regular trips out for shopping, church going, pub lunches, theatre visits and trips to places of interest in the local area. There is also a residents’ garden area for those who want to continue to exercise their green fingers.

Our Internet Cafe features touch screen technology and a user friendly interface created for the elderly. It includes a mobile unit so residents can use programmes such as Skype in private, at their convenience.

Our annual Summer and Christmas parties are extremely well attended and they present an opportunity for everyone to get together and showcase the Home to residents' families and friends.


It is important that residents maintain and develop social contacts outside of the Home and we support this fully. Visitors are welcome, subject to residents’ wishes and their right to privacy. Visiting is unrestricted between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm daily and by appointment outside these times.

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